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Building Material Recycling in Winnipeg

One of the most effective ways to positively affect the environment is to recycle the products and materials we use. It is essential for well-being of the environment to recycle as waste products are accumulating every day. The process of recycling is essentially to take used materials that can be recycled and repurpose it to use again.

We believe in helping keep the Earth clean by recycling and reusing as much as we can. Harbour View Recycling Ltd. was incorporated into Paragon Industries Ltd. in the 90s to recycle as much as possible. We can carry both residential and commercial-based material.

How Material Recycling in Winnipeg Helps

The need to create items or products from new materials is reduced when the used items are converted to new products. We limit mining or excavation of natural resources, which helps prevent substantial air and water pollution.

The process of manufacturing new products from raw materials involves a large expenditure of energy and resources which can be avoided by using recycled products.

There is a marked decrease in greenhouse gas emissions when you recycle the things you use. This has a direct influence on climate change and the ozone layer around the world.

 Landfills are made of huge piles of waste that are products we use and discard. These can be anything from plastic to electronic parts. On the contrary, when materials recycled, they are made into new products that are usable and thus don’t contribute to the landfills.

We accept a variety of materials for recycling, such as:

  • Concrete (with or without rebar)

  • Bricks (of all sizes and types)

  • Slag


For Used Building Material contact Salvage Supermarket.



A small fee may be charged, dependent on the size of the load brought to us.

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We are the experts in Winnipeg in demolition and deconstruction. Contact us via phone or email for any further information or for assistance with material recycling in Winnipeg.

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