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Paragon Industries: A Leader in Demolition Since 1977

Alex Hirsch established M&H Cartage in 1961 and in 1977 it grew to become Paragon Industries Ltd. When Manfred Hirsch and Gunter Hirsch joined the company they brought their experience and work ethic which helped build the company to what it is today.

Gunter controlled the finances and Manfred was out in the construction scene on a daily basis, quoting on jobs big and small. This helped establish Paragon as a company which could meet deadlines and compete with other companies that were fighting for market share. Building confidence and experience, Manfred grew in all aspects concerned with the industry he had such a passion for, and so did the company. As business grew, Manfred had an insatiable desire to learn and branch out into areas that he realized would become important to complement the businesses that were already growing.

Paragon Industries has been in business for over 40 years and looks forward to being a dynamic positive force in the industry, and in the community in the future. As the industry moves in the direction of recycling, we are set to work with any company. We will provide the experience that is required to tackle the project and provide top quality service.

Paragon Industries are supporters of:
The Winnipeg Construction Association
Heavy Equipment & Aggregate Truckers Association

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